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Doing business in any market, especially in untapped markets, requires a variety of complex considerations. Our team provides you with a range of services that are needed for entering Iran’s market.

Business Consultation on Iran’s Market

Having experience in diverse fields, our team members are ready to provide consultation to foreign traders entering into Iran’s market.

Among our services, we provide consultation regarding suitable projects/partners for business and investment, participation in Iran’s fairs and conferences, obtaining required foreign investment licenses and establishing new companies in Iran.

Imports and Branding

With over 15 years of experience in the import and branding of products in Iran, Iranbizhub is ready to conduct market research for companies who are willing to import to Iran. If the outcome is positive, we are ready to introduce the foreign company to credible Iranian businesses in order to develop the brand in the country.


If a foreign partner identifies a product or service that they wish to import from Iran, our team is ready to introduce you to the Iranian producer or contractor.

Consultation on Banking, Credit Insurance and Finance

Our team has extensive experience in the credit insurance, banking, and finance industries and can provide you with solutions for your businesses ready to trade with Iran or invest in Iranian businesses.